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Another hackcamera project

I’ve just finished another hackcamera project:

I’ve a wonderful voigtländer Vito I camera (you an see some examples of my photos using this camera here )I repaired some weeks ago.

It was not in perfect cosmetic conditions and I had to do some works to adapt it to use 355mm regular roll films instead the non-perforated 35mm film it originally loads.

Then, some days ago, I bought from eBay another Vito I for some bucks declared as non operational. I notice it was in better cosmetic conditions than mine and I could do something to restore mine to a better shape.


ProntorII shutter. It is a shame but I could not repair it.

Finally I’ve, on one side,  a better Vito I fully operational and in better cosmetic conditions than before and, on the other side,  a prontor II shutter far away of repairing but with a scopar lens in excellent conditions: perfect for a hackcamera project! It has not shutter blades (I remove them) but with diaphragm and lenses perfectly usable.

Problem: it is a F:3.5 f:5cm focal length: I notice that it need be positioned literally INSIDE the DSLR. The back lens enters in the camera and the lomo adaptor (see previous posts) I’m using is prepared to put the lens OUTSIDE….

Then, works began:


The Lomo EOS/Diana Lens adaptor cut in two parts

Using a metal saw, I cut the adaptor just to keep the EOS mount and the external circumference:  I sand down the surface and finally I had to make an indentation to operate the diaphragm lever on the shutter.

The diaphragm lever is a very tiny piece of metal attached to a sort of washer in the back of the shutter. Everything turn left or right when you pull the little lever. Actually I had to insert and glue a small thermo-retractile tube to the tiny level to increase the surface of it and make possible to act the level with the finger. (see final pictures)

Then, using some PVC pipes of increasing diameters,, I inserted one pipe inside another one and cut the pipes in 0,5 cms slices. I finished with a collection of a sort of thick PVC washers each one of 0,5 cm thin you can fit one inside the biggest one.

By displacing one pipe slightly inside another one I could make the support for the shutter BELOW the level of the main disk in the adaptor.

FInally I covered -to seal light leaks and for cosmetic reasons- the external adaptor ring with self-adhesive leatherette and with two-componet expoxy and flocking felt the inner side of the adaptor.

The result is that you can see below:


HAckcamera project:f3.5 F5cm skopar lens in my DSLR canon


Skopar lens (f3,5 F5cm) in my Canon Rebel XSi

You can see in the gallery, the first test I did using this project.

UPDATE: new pictures using this project:

see «hackcamera» flickr group in

example: IMG_5752.jpg

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